Awesome Keto Recipe for Vegans that are Quick to Cook

Awesome Keto Recipe for Vegans that are Quick to Cook
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Most Americans are facing the problem of obesity these days. Obesity is the reason for various medical ailments like heart problems, diabetes type 1 and 2, bad cholesterol level, high blood pressure and so on. Many people die due to heart diseases. It isn’t that people love being ill but, people are so engrossed in their professional life due to tough competition that they hardly get time to think about their health.

Keto Recipe

That is why keto diet is introduced for people who want to reduce weight but are unable to remove that stubborn fat due to unhealthy habits. Keto diet is a way to bluff your body to use its own body fat instead of carbohydrates to convert it into energy. It helps in losing fat faster and easily. For few weeks you might not experience any changes but later you will see drastic improvement.

An ordinary keto diet has more protein and fat instead of carbohydrates. There is a regular diet that is followed and this diet contains more fiber and protein but less carbohydrates. Most people get confused with keto diet menu so they prefer hiring a restaurant that get keto meals delivered at your desired location. One such online site in California LA is Muscle up Meals. They deliver fresh keto meal to every location in California and ensure that the food is tasty and yummy so that people enjoy it instead of craving for a pizza.

A ketogenic diet often contains bacon, eggs, chicken and beef. However, those who are vegans often face problem while deciding their meal. Thus, here are some exotic recipes for vegetarians –

  • Eggplant that can be fried with some topping of garlic and parmesan cheese. Ensure that you don’t deep fry it otherwise it will contain a lot of oil.
  • A keto burger will never disappoint you if you add some cabbage, lettuce and cheese to it. Little herbs and spices will always give you the taste of Mc Donald’s.
  • Stuffed eggplant is another juicy recipe that is filled with surprises inside including lot of your favorite spices, grated vegetables and juices of onion and garlic. When you cut it in half you may not know what is waiting for you inside.
  • Cheesy green bean is another keto meal which is rich in protein and it changes the taste of green beans when you add cheese on top of it before baking it.
  • Brussels sprout don’t taste that good if you eat them raw but, if you prepare them like a patty their taste changes. They smell good when they are baked or fried well.
  • Cream Cheese pancake is closest to the original pancakes. If you ever taste it, you would never make out the whether it is the same old pancake your mom used to cook.
  • Jalapeno cheddar biscuits contain lot of jalapenos which makes it spicy. They are similar to red lobster but are little spicy for sure.
  • Spaghetti with creamy mushroom sauce is a delicious recipe. However, you have to be calculative about the quantity that you take because more quantity means excess carbohydrates.
  • Omelet with spinach onion and goat cheese is a beautiful combination of keto meal for breakfast. That doesn’t mean you cannot eat it any other time of the day.
  • Zucchini pasta is delicious meals where you heat zucchini enough to soften eat so that when you eat it doesn’t give you a crunchy taste.

Vegetarians too have lot of options if they try to analyze all vegetables that are good for health. Eating lot of fiber not only helps in protein but, also clear your bowels.

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