Why Pay Per Use Fitness Gyms Are Here to Stay

Why Pay Per Use Fitness Gyms Are Here to Stay
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Are you wary of taking on a long-term membership at a fitness gym in Toronto? If so, you are certainly not alone. The majority of people who sign up for yearlong fitness memberships don’t actually use their membership regularly – definitely not enough to warrant the expense. Most fitness gym business plans are built with this knowledge in mind. They lure individuals into long-term memberships with promises of perfect bodies and healthy lifestyles, but once that person has signed on the dotted line, the gym’s interest in them wanes completely. Suddenly that person is left completely on his or her own, and whether or not they succeed is entirely up to them, no matter how much experience (or more likely, how little experience) they may have had exercising in the past. It’s no wonder so many people fail! If you’ve never been taught how to work out properly, use the equipment, and keep yourself motivated, it can be incredibly frustrating and overwhelming to begin an exercise regimen from scratch.

It’s for this reason and many more that pay-per-use gyms are on the rise. There, you not only pay for what you use, nothing more and nothing less, but the more you use the gym, the less you inevitably have to pay per session. This is because pay-per-use gyms such as the highly rated Striation 6 in Toronto understand that their patrons have budgets as well as lives, so they will cap their monthly fees at a reasonable specific amount. For instance, if it costs 10 dollars to utilize the services of a workout facility, and the gym’s “cap” is 60 dollars, then after six sessions all subsequent visits that month will be free. After all, your workout facility should be your partner in achieving better health, not your enemy.

These sorts of gym facilities, like the Striation 6 gym in Toronto, will often have the same, if not better, facilities than your traditional annual membership gym, along with incredibly helpful and knowledgeable staff that are there to serve you. Since your membership is not taken for granted at these facilities, most people find the staff much more helpful and accessible than at traditional gyms. Many will also offer exceptional fitness classes as well such as: yoga, muaythai, or boot camp classes.

A pay-per-use gym will save you from having that dreaded feeling every time you drive by the gym and don’t have time to stop in. If you are not locked into a long-term contract, you may be more inclined to go to the gym more often. By having the financial pressure removed you will not feel boxed in and you may be surprised that you will want to go to the gym more, rather than thinking of it as burden.

So what are you waiting for? Regain control over your exercise schedule and your routine. With this new style of membership you have the support you never thought possible at a traditional facility. You can also quit or take breaks whenever you want, so even if you truly hate it, all you have to do is stop going – it’s that easy. Although, when you are not locked into a long-term contract, you may be more inclined to go to the gym more often.

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