What shower missteps affect your skin negatively

What shower missteps affect your skin negatively
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It seems like there is nothing easier than to take a shower; nevertheless, many of us make some missteps, which damage our skin:

  1. Wrong soap

Your can suffer from the time spent in the shower if you use wrong soap. New York barbers recommend staying away from extremely harsh cleansers, which will eliminate moisture from your skin along with impurities. Give preference to mild soaps containing natural ingredients because you can’t go wrong with nature.

  1. Losing count of time

For many guys, a shower is much more than just a place where you can wash your hair and shave your face. It’s one of the most popular ways to relax after a long day dedicated to hard work. It makes people spend more time in the shower than needed, thus drying our skin out. Experts recommend taking showers lasting 5-10 minutes maximum!

  1. High temperature

The improper temperature of the water is one of the most common shower missteps you should avoid. According to New York barbers, water should be hot enough to remove grime and bacteria from your body without affecting natural moisture of your skin. Learn to take a shower in a warm or lukewarm water!

  1. Forgetting to moisturize

What can be worse than a harsh soap? Using a harsh cleanser and forgetting to hydrate after is a deadly combination for your skin! It’s super important to treat your face with a nice moisturizer, which will replenish natural moisture of your skin. Body lotion also matters since it usually has a richer and thicker formula in comparison with face moisturizers.

Try to avoid these mistakes next time you take a shower!

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