What are the Different Types of Substance Abuse Treatment Therapies?

What are the Different Types of Substance Abuse Treatment Therapies?
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Substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation can be a complex process. There are different types of addiction treatment programs that keep evolving with new research studies and findings. The approach to treatment has evolved and diversified significantly. This means that several programs have come far ahead of traditional substance addiction treatment options.

Major Treatment Options

Some of the major substance abuse treatment options available in facilities like Shindown Ranch Rehab Center include:

  • Behavioral therapies including counseling
  • Treatment of mental health issues like anxiety and depression
  • Medication
  • Long-term support to prevent relapse
  • Use of medical devices for treating withdrawal symptoms

Types of Therapies

Some of the advanced types of therapies used to treat substance abuse and addiction are as follows:

·         Individual Therapy:

This treatment option can involve sessions held once or twice a week based on your condition. The treatment schedule is developed based on your evaluation.

·         Family Therapy:

These therapies involve people who are important to you. This can include your spouse, a parent, or even a friend. It may also involve the application of HIPAA-compliant technology based on your permission.

·         Group Therapy:

These therapies involve a licensed clinical professional who helps you to identify issues and address them in a peer-supported environment.

·         Medical & Psychiatric Therapies:

According to research findings, integrated care can help in increasing the chances of long-term recovery. Medical and psychiatric therapies provided during the treatment period can be helpful in long-term recovery.

·         12-Step Program:

This therapy involves 12-step meetings and group therapies that can take place multiple times a week. The therapy helps in strengthening peer support and focusing on continued recovery.

You may also find therapies like recovery-oriented challenge program, expressive therapies, and trauma therapies in a Shindown Ranch Rehab Center. It is recommended to discuss your issues, challenges, and goals with your therapist before determining which program is best for you.

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