Want to live longer- Repair your BMI

Want to live longer- Repair your BMI
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The key to living longer is essentially by losing those extra kilos and maintaining a healthy BMI. But it is easier said than done. But you just cannot let go so making few changes in the way you eat can certainly work wonders for you. The ketogenic diet/low carbohydrate diet will be highlighted here. However since all about it cannot be wrapped up in a short write up, the main benefits have been dealt with.

You will come across thousands of websites that offer advice about diet that work and the ones that don’t. However, you cannot play around with your metabolism. As such, allow only experts to guide you. And if you follow this strategy at fitnessgoals.com, half your battle against various lifestyle diseases is already won!

Essence of ketogenic diet plan

Low carbohydrate diets have been around for several decades but the importance and benefits of this diet plan has become more pronounced of late. What are the benefits that you can derive from this kind of diet? Let us find out.

  • Reduces hunger

It has been observed that consuming less carbohydrate eventually kills your hunger. And if you have no appetite to eat, you will take in fewer calories. Most of the people on diet fail to take their diet regime to completion as they cannot balance their appetite

  • Effective weight loss

Studies have proved time and again that if you rely on low carbohydrate diet, the rate at which weight is lost is comparatively faster. Why does it so happen? This is because taking in low carbohydrate means that you are shedding extra fluid and as this reduces the level of insulin, the work of the kidneys becomes easier and it gives out excess sodium.

  • Reduces abdominal flab

It has been observed that abdominal fat takes longer to go away. Also referred to as visceral fat, you tend to suffer from insulin resistance, inflammation, and metabolic disorders if you have prominent visceral fat. If you follow this strategy of adopting the ketogenic diet plan, which comprises low carbohydrate diet, you are sure to lose the fat in this area faster and in an easier manner.

  • Risk of developing Type 2 diabetes decreases

With the help of ketogenic diet, you will be able to control your Type 2 diabetes better. This is because low carbohydrate diet will not cause spike in blood sugar levels, which otherwise happens if there is insulin resistance. As such, reducing carbohydrate in diet regime can significantly lower your blood sugar levels thereby restricting damage to major organs and preventing metabolic disorders in the long run.

  • Improvement in good cholesterol

Good cholesterol is commonly known as High Density Lipoprotein (HDL). If you can incorporate fat and live on a low carbohydrate diet you can significantly lower the bad cholesterol level. Also, the Triglyceride to HDL ratio is crucial, which improves when you are on a low carb diet like ketogenic diet plan. As such, surviving on a low carbohydrate diet means you are also taking in higher fat containing foods, which eventually stabilizes the ratio and reduces your risk of heart ailments.

Ketogenic diet plan has helped many people to arrest further damage of their organs caused by lifestyle diseases. But opt for professional guidance from experts like fitnessgoals.com before embarking upon the journey.

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