Useful foods for your hair

Useful foods for your hair
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Pamper your hair with delicious and useful treats

There is a very strong connection between what you put on your table for dinner and how you look, and we are not talking about your fit or weight. If you want to have a long, beautiful and strong hair you have to watch what you eat and control your everyday ration. Can you remember what was the last time what you ate? If your answer is hamburger, fries or something like this, don’t expect you will have healthy locks. Your body needs vegetables, fruits and proteins, just like your lungs need air to breath.

If you want to pamper your hair but didn’t know how to do it, our professionals at the best barber shop ny will help you. Check out these three useful foods you should eat this fall.

Food # 1 Salmon

If you have dull and brittle hair it means your body lack essential fats. Red fish, especially salmon is highly rich in essential omega – 3 fatty acids, other fats and proteins our body couldn’t live without. This minerals and nutrients nourish your hair follicles and regulate the amount of natural hair oils, produced by your inner glands.

 Food # 3 Pumpkin

Halloween is near, but pumpkin can not only make your house look nice but also improve hair structure from the inside. Your body require peculiar amount of zinc every single day in order to avoid overall dehydration. When we are talking about hair, lack of moisture usually leads to dandruff. Those white flakes can cause a lot of discomfort for anybody, so it would be better to prevent dandruff, and eating pumpkin can easily deal with this task.

Food # 3 White meat

No matter whether it will chicken, turkey or something else, but you have to consume more red meat, if you want to have strong and healthy hair. White meat is the main source of vital proteins that gives strength to your hair and allows it to grow stronger and thicker. In addition, it has minimum calories and gives you energy for the whole day.

Follow our tips, eat right and you will have stunning, charming locks.

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