Top 3 major reasons why you should add lemon to your daily ration

Top 3 major reasons why you should add lemon to your daily ration
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Have you ever think how you can easily boost your brain functioning in three minutes? The answer is clear – drink lemon water! Having one glass of it every morning will boost digestive function; improve oxygen uptake within the body; build alkalinity and increase your brain function. Our neurologists in NYC are ready to share with you three major reasons why you should try lemon water right now.

Mental clarity

Have you ever experienced that strange feeling, when some kind of fog envelops your brain and eyes? It is an extremely unpleasant state that can serve as a result of exhaustion after hard work. Lemons contain potassium, which normalizes your blood pressure, stimulates nerve functioning and keeps your cardiovascular system in health.

Oxygen level

The level of oxygen and calcium in your body can be easily regulated with the help of lemon juice! The high oxygen level in your blood, in its turn, provides your brain with normal functioning, improves your memory and ability to concentrate your attention.

Boost your brain

Start your morning routine with the glass of lemon water, and you will notice how wonderful this day will be. This cocktail will shake your brain out and charge you with a good mood for the whole day. In addition, your immune system will be safe and sound during a cold period of the year.

Follow these tips or make an appointment with our neurologists in NYC for more interesting information about extremely useful products for your body and brain.

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