The Use of Steroids in the Sport of Competitive Bodybuilding

The Use of Steroids in the Sport of Competitive Bodybuilding
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The world of competitive bodybuilding is misunderstood by many people in our society today. Yet each year more people begin to enjoy the world of competitive bodybuilding as a lifestyle for them. People look upon this sport as a cult by many who don’t know much about it.


Bodybuilding is very unique and different from any other competitive sport. This sport’s training is all done in a gym and the competition is when the body is on display and points are given out for the building of the perfect body. The posing aspect of competition does need the person to have the ability of an athlete – these various poses are difficult to achieve correctly. And you would be surprise how much training goes into these poses.

Steroids needed

Many believe that most steroid use is done by everyone in the sport of competitive bodybuilding. And experts believe that without steroids there would be no bodybuilding as it is known today. Actually we even go back in the history of this sport to say that without steroids the general fitness and nutritional rules we understand would not be as clear as they are today.

Not necessary

By no means are steroids necessary in competitive bodybuilding – a great physique can be gained without using them when you do nothing else but work out in the gym. You can even compete without using steroids. But if you want to have an awesome and unique physique some steroid use is needed.

Powerful and unique

The complete purpose of being in competitive bodybuilding is to have that physique that is not just powerful but unique, and some steroid use will need to occur. When the use of steroids is done correctly it can be an asset and not a liability. When it is used as part of a regiment that includes:

  • Training in the gym
  • Proper nutrients
  • Proper use of steroids

It will give you the competitive edge that you need.

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