The Buying and Selling of DCA over the Internet as Cure for Cancer

The Buying and Selling of DCA over the Internet as Cure for Cancer
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Dichloroacetic Acid (DCA) is a chemical compound that is produced and sold by several companies online. It is sold in various forms and packages. This includes capsules, as well as powder.

Drug for cancer

DCA is a drug that has been shown in several small trials to stop the growth of cancer tumors. This drug is not under any patent and has no restrictions so it can be sold and transported without any regulations. There are several companies over the internet where anyone can buy DCA.


Most companies that sell DCA usually produce this product in their own laboratory in forms that can be used by the human body such as powders, and capsules. Each company involved in the manufacturing and production have followed the regulations and practices of the country that they are located in, making certain that they are selling the product of the highest quality.


The history of this medication begins in 1930 when a biochemist named Otto Warburg, found that cells of tumors are basically the effect of a metabolic disorder that develops in healthy cells. According to Warburg, a tumor is a disorder in the functioning of the mitochondria. He made the claim that cells of cancer do not use oxygen to produce energy, but rather gets it from the decomposition of sugar or glucose.

Destroyed not reversed

Because of his work for decades scientists thought that mitochondrion in tumor cells was destroyed and the damage done could not be reversed.


Back in 2006, a researcher Dr. Michelakis from the University of Alberta in Canada decided to go back to the question of what would happen if functioning mitochondria could be restored. In order to find an answer, the doctor decided to use a substance that has been known for over 20 years. DCA is a substance that was used to treat lactic acidosis by re-activating the mitochondria.

‘Cancer Cell’

In 2007 a periodical “Cancer Cell” published a study of the results of a group of Canadian researchers who were led by Dr. Michelakis. This group of scientists transplanted tumor cells from breast, brain and lungs to large lab rats. For three weeks they were given DCA that was diluted in water. At the end of the 3 weeks, it turned out that the disease progress was stopped in cases of ‘in vitro’ as well as ‘in vivo’. It seemed it reactivated mitochondria of the cells. It also seemed that the reactive mitochondria was not damaged as first believed. They were only temporarily inactive.

For sell

So slowly companies started selling this drug as a cure for cancer – over the internet. Some companies are reputable and others are only into business to make money, so before you buy DCA over the internet, you need to research the entire subject as well as the company selling it.

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