Take good care of your Telomere scores

Take good care of your Telomere scores
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Research shows that the shortening of telomeres has been associated with aging and diseases. But some experts have allegedly found out a way on how to lengthen these important telomeres, resulting to numerous opportunities for new treatments for many age-related diseases and genetic conditions.

One way to know if you are have such diseases is through a telomere testing. This can help determine if you really have any underlying conditions and through this, you will be aware and more open to living a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid the shortening of your telomere. It is important that you understand the risks of having a short telomere, so you need to take it seriously and stick to your plans to preserve the length of these telomeres.

Watch out for the food you eat

Foods high in fibre and vitamins are strongly related to longer telomeres. However, the key may be avoiding saturated fat. Swapping just 1{e9a40761da4312da5887f59d9d6e08e1bfe6f40fed278444c479f713a5d07ca5} of saturated fat calories in your diet for anything else can add nearly a whole year of aging’s worth of length onto your telomeres. Saturated fats like palmitic acid, the primary saturated fat in salmon, and found in meat, eggs, and dairy in general, can be toxic to cells. This has been demonstrated in heart cells, bone marrow cells, pancreatic cells, and brain cells. The toxic effects on cell death rates happen right around what you’d see in the blood stream of people who eat a lot of animal products. It may not be the saturated fat itself, however, as saturated fat may just be a marker for the increased oxidative stress and inflammation associated with those foods.

Rebuilding Telomeres

Inflammation, oxidation, damage and dysfunction are constantly hacking away at our telomeres. At the same time, the body’s antioxidant defences, healthy diet, exercise and stress reduction are constantly rebuilding them. You need to have a balance of everything and it is totally understandable that what makes you sick and poorly like processed foods are very delicious. It is OK to eat once in a while but too much can be dangerous to your health. In exchange, you need to flush it out by eating healthy food and exercise right away.

Growing your Telomeres

There are many ways that a person can lengthen their telomeres. One is by reducing their stress. It is natural that you might feel super stressed due to work, but you need to do something comfortable in order to balance it out and not shorten your telomeres. Meditation is a very popular way to reduce stress levels and it is proven to help people with short telomeres.

If you are a person that always faces being worried about their health, then just by following some easy steps that are mentioned above will get you covered. From an exercise that is specifically good for your telomeres to the kinds of Vitamins that you can take. You can never go wrong if you want to make sure that you are insured and that you are doing the right decision for your well-being.

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