Superdrol-A Superfast Resulting Steroid

Superdrol-A Superfast Resulting Steroid
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Steroids are organic compounds with a specific molecular structure containing four rings of carbon atoms. They contain many alkaloids, minerals and hormones. They are known to be enhancing body structure and performance. They come in two varieties-Anabolic steroids and Cortico steroids. They are not legally sold in some countries as there are controversies surrounding steroids. Superdrol is a powerful anabolic steroid known to help in building body muscle and enhancing performance.

 The medical name of this steroid is Methasterone or methyldrotanolone. It is a pro hormone supplement and can increase the risk of liver strain, stress or toxicity. Though Superdrol can produce real anabolic androgenic effects its main intention was to promote another pro hormone more or less like Anadrol. The main ingredient in the drug is dihydrotestosterone or DHT, a type of anabolic steroid which was once found in its actual form of drostonolone.


  • It helps in bulking and gaining mass.
  • It takes strength levels to a very high scale.
  • Enhances protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.
  • Some users opined that within the second week of using the product they could lift 20 to 25 percent more of what they had lifted otherwise.
  • The androgenic activity in this steroid is very less in comparison to its prohormone counterparts. You don’t have to fear about hair loss and acne getting produced on the skin.
  • A body builder can expect a weight gain of 5 to 10 pounds.
  • It is known to enhance and maintain lean muscle tissue during dieting.
  • It helps in boosting body power post work outs.

Recommended dosage:

  • As a beginner you can start with 20mg to 40 mg daily with food.
  • When compared to its counter parts it has lesser life. So some take it for four times a day.

Caution:  It is not recommended to be used for more than six weeks since it can show impact on the liver.

Also body builders are not supposed to combine two forms of oral steroids together as it can affect the liver.

Side Effects

All anabolic steroids with androgenic potential can increase side effects.

Though gynecomastia and water retention potential do not exist in superdrol, other individual substances may influence side effects.

It can bring a prickle blood pressure high and cholesterol levels.

It might result in low state of testosterone.

Liver is the first affected part if not taken in the prescribed way.

This drug was introduced as the simplified version of Masteron, a different type of anabolic steroid. It is mainly useful in retaining the nitrogen levels in the body and ability to synthesize protein. This results in the speedy growth of muscles the reason it was acclaimed for. It does not just increase the size but improves stamina. When this steroid was introduced way back in 2005, Anadrol, the name from which its name was derived was ruling the body building industry. The name gave a notion that it is the superlative form of Anadrol. Later it established a market for itself. Methasterone, the active ingredient in this steroid gave superfast results that it took the body building industry by storm.

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