Steroids for Medical & Athletic Purposes

Steroids for Medical & Athletic Purposes
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Steroids are classified for medical and non-medical purposes. Medical purpose drugs are prescribed by the physician to treat certain diseases, conditions say autoimmune disorder, arthritis, chronic infections, asthma, rashes, pain relievers, etc. Based on the patient’s condition and test reports the medically authenticated steroids are recommended for a certain period of time.

Non-medical purposes are literally illegal for usage, which is preferred by bodybuilders, athletes, powerlifters, Wrestlers. Such non-medical steroids are purposely utilized to enhance performance, increase muscle strength, stamina, endurance. It is preferred for bulking, cutting, dieting, pyramiding cycles. Since it is not medically recommended for such purposes, the users may not obtain proper prescriptions. Hence, they buy the steroids from underground labs, online sources, black market. Here, the product’s quality should be kept in consideration. When the product is available illegally, the ingredients, effects, and originality matter. It is not necessary that all people will sell fake products. Even so, many sources are selling counterfeit products expensively, which will never bring out the desired results instead of downside adverse effects. There is a list of steroid names available here for both medical and non-medical uses.

Steroids for medical purposes:


This kind of steroids is prescribed by medicos to treat specific conditions and diseases. Corticosteroid mimics the effects of hormones which are secreted by adrenal gland naturally. When such steroids are introduced in higher levels exogenously, the effect of fighting against inflammation is hiked and it helps to treat various inflammatory diseases. “Prednisone” is a well know corticosteroid and there are plenty of such steroids used for therapeutic purposes. Corticosteroids are available in the forms of oral pills, injections, topical application (cream/gel).

  • Oral forms are prescribed typically to control the pain and swelling and the doses are available in different strengths.
  • The injectable form is administered as a counterpart of oral pills and severe asthma attacks are immediately controlled by higher doses through intravenously.
  • The topical form is available on over-the-counter, pharmacies to apply on the itching, reddishness associated with any stings, bites.

Anabolic Steroids:

These are used medicinally and as a performance enhancer which is not entertained. Doctors prescribe testosterone or other AAS to treat hypotestosterone level in men, muscle wasting disease in HIV/AIDS patients and to retain muscle strength. The testosterone binds to its receptors, facilitates stamina, strength, muscle growth etc, AAS are available in various forms such as Oral pills, injections, gel, creams, patches, and pellets.

  • Oral AAS: Low testosterone level in men is treated with Andriol AAS, a pill form of Testosterone undecanoate.
  • Injectable AAS: Trenbolone, Deca Durabolin, and Primobolan Depot are administered for performance enhancement. If the AAS is taken for a long period without proper supplementation and post-cycle therapy, it might lead to irreversible side-effects such as Gynecomastia, testicular atrophy.
  • AAS gel, patches, and creams: They are generally used to treat muscle wasting disorder and improve testosterone levels.
  • AAS Pellets: Pellet is designed for the veterinary purpose and it has been often implanted subcutaneously into the animals to enhance their size before selling in the market. “Testopel” pallet is surgically inserted into the skin of humans to release testosterone continuously for six months.

A list of steroid names used for bulking & cutting phases is: (athletic purpose)

  • Clenbuterol- cutting cycle
  • Testosterone – bulking cycle
  • Anavar – cutting cycle
  • Deca Durabolin – both cutting & bulking cycle
  • Dianabol – bulking cycle
  • Winstrol – cutting cycle
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