Skip being the sick guy and get a doctors note!

Skip being the sick guy and get a doctors note!
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Imagine this situation: the entire office is hacking up a lung. There have been many employees out the prior week, but it’s only gotten worse. By this point, there are at least 15 employees who look like hell. Bless their hearts. They have dragged their butts into the office, regardless of their condition, and have done the absolute best they could do.

Unfortunately, it’s ugly. They look pale and you can smell the fetid illness on their breath. They did their absolute best to come into work but you almost wish they had not. As much as you love and appreciate your employees you are the sole person to keep the office running. They all have families and have communicated their kindergarten viruses into the office.

Even though the office is full of adults, it doesn’t mean that stomach bugs, viruses, and colds that prey on kindergarteners can’t find their way into the dry air-conditioned AC of the office. The reality of the situation is that you’re calling the shots and whether or not you have a full staff or not, your clients won’t accept excuses. As much as illness is a major detriment to business and productivity, business stops for no one and you still need to perform.

This is where doctor’s notes come in. We often find that solid, hard-working employees will skimp out on their day-offs even if they are sick. It’s noble, but it really doesn’t help anyone. Again, imagine you are the manager. Your entire work staff is sick and essentially useless. You had noticed the symptoms ahead of time but their willingness to work over-ridded their temporary maladies. You’re happy to have them and their hard work ethic but it’s essentially useless if they are all down for the count. If one employee, had come forward to you, snotty-nosed and downtrodden, you would essentially know what you were in for. You would know ahead of time that not only was there a virus circulating the office but also that you could expect a good chunk of employees to potentially be out of the office. In this way, a doctor’s note is not only a preliminary heads up about upcoming sicknesses but also a way to determine who you can actually trust.

When an illness runs rampant within in an office there are essentially two types of people. There are those who will do all in their power to ride the excuse for all it is worth. These are the types that will take a 24-hour stomach bug and turn it into chronic pancreatitis. These are the types that are anchors for a company. There are also the types that will either show up totally miserable and clearly ill, or honestly, call out. The big difference between these two archetypes is a doctor’s note. With a doctor’s note, it becomes discernible between the slouch who only wants a short break off of the daily grind and the honest employee who genuinely spent time vomiting the night before.

As an employer, the real question you want to ask is this: Which employee was willing to take their sick day to go and get a doctor’s note? Click here

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