Simple ways to Modify Your Eating Habits 

Simple ways to Modify Your Eating Habits 
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If you’re currently trying a fad diet or cleanse, STOP. While they might help you lose weight, that weight is not going to stay off until you change your eating habits for good. An article on explains that crash diets can even be dangerous as they lead to “altered metabolism” and “nutritional deficiencies”.

In other words, you shouldn’t focus on eating LESS, but eating HEALTHIER. Here are a few easy tips and tricks you can do to do just that:

Cut down on chips and popcorn – If you absolutely must have some chips or popcorn as a snack, avoid eating it straight out of the bag. If you do that, your brain won’t give you a “stop” signal. It’s best to grab a small amount and put it on a plate or in a bowl. It’ll be even better if you opt for low-sodium chips or popcorn.

Schedule meals and snacks ahead of time – Anything you eat should be scheduled. Even if you’re not hungry, you should eat at that scheduled time. Never change your eating routine. Staying on schedule means that you are less likely to experience hunger pangs later, which will result in overeating.

Keep more fruits and vegetables on hand – Slowly replace the unhealthy foods in your cabinets and fridge with healthy foods. When your kitchen is well-stocked with healthy snacks, there will be no need to go to the store to buy unhealthy ones.

 When you have option to do so, select whole foods – Whole foods are always healthier than processed foods. Examples of whole foods include grains, fruits, beans, etc. While they sometimes may have more calories than their processed counterparts, they are still healthier and provide more nutritional value. offers simple advice: “avoid boxes, bags and cans”.

Replace at least one unhealthy drink with a healthy drink per day – You don’t have to go cold turkey on your favorite sugary beverage. Simply cut down on it a bit by replacing it with a healthy tea, juice, or water. Many experts recommend green tea, although there are other teas to choose from, like chamomile, oolong, white, and lemon ginger. You might also want to try adding protein or creatine to drinks – especially if you workout a lot. However, don’t go overboard with fitness supplements. offers information about the benefits and side effects of creatine.

Try to find a healthier alternative to your favorite snacks and dessert – If you have trouble limiting the amount of junk food you eat, opt for a nutritional substitute. For instance, you could get into the habit of eating low-fat yogurt instead of a bowl of ice cream, or fruit instead of candy.

Have yourself a “cheat day” every once in awhile – For the time being, have that cheat day once a week. Once you get used to eating healthier foods, cut it down to once every other week. Ideally, your cheat day should be exercise day as well. Don’t go overboard with the cheating unless you plan to work it off.

It will take some time, but slowly modifying your eating habits is way better than any crash “diet”. Knowing how to take supplements and vitamins the right way is important as well. Learn more about nutrition at Beldt Labs.

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