Shaving tips for acne skin

Shaving tips for acne skin
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Essential tips for your comfortable shaving

Acne can spoil your life very much. The whole situation becomes even worse, when you have to shave your face almost every single day, and your skin doesn’t allow you to do it. Our tips will help you to enjoy your morning routine, without feeling any inconveniences and pain. This guide presupposes that you have wet electric shaver that can be used with all possible creams, gels and mousses. If you still don’t have such, buy it asap. Professional barbers all over the world consider it to be the best shaving tool for your skin type. You should also remember that there will be some days when your acne is worth. In this case you should refrain from any kind of shaving and wait for better time or visit some good barber shop in nyc.

Prepare your skin

Electric also presuppose peculiar pre-shaving preparations. They are quite simple, but have marvelous effect. First of all, you need to wash your face with clear, warm water to stimulate blood flow. Taking a shower is also a good idea, in addition you will get wonderful refreshing effect and positive mood charge for the whole day.

Lather it up

Always use some lathering cream or gel. If you are not a fan of chemicals, you can go for natural coconut or tea tree oil. It will provide you with the same perfect gliding and moisturize, nourish and soften your skin. All these products are meant to reduce irritation and redness on your skin, so you can go straight outside after your morning shaving.

After shaving

If you suffer from acne, aftercare  is a must for you. You have to calm your skin down, even if it is slightly irritated after proper lathering. The second task for you is to protect open pores and hair follicles from further irritation. In order to do it, chose alcohol containing remedies and apply them every time you shave your face.

Now you know how to deal with your skin while shaving with electric shaver. Keep this tips in mind next time you will step in the bathroom, thinking of shaving your bristle.

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