Seven Best Foods To Stop Hair Loss

Seven Best Foods To Stop Hair Loss
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Although, the reasons of hair loss are many – including genetics, age, hormones, medicines, inconsistent nutrition, toxicity and ecology – changing a diet can totally take a toll on your hair. “Proper diet and supplements can make your hair stronger and healthier’’, says the top specialist at the best barber shop NYC. 

#1 More protein

Our hair consists of protein, and for this reason, you should provide your body with enough amount of this nutrient. Add lentils, pinto, edamame, chickpea in your daily meals; moreover, this simple change will help to restore the health of red blood cells which supply your skin and scalp with an oxygen.

#2 Nuts and seeds

Every day our body produces its natural oil for moisturizing scalp and hair, but sometimes, due to inconsistent nutrition, our skin can be over dried. Nuts and seeds are the best products which can prevent this problem; moreover, they full of vitamins E and A which are necessary for hair growth. Make sure you provide your body with enough amount of different raw nuts and seeds – you need to eat only a handful of pumpkin, sunflower, flax seeds or almonds, cashews or pine nuts – and your body will be nourished with all needed vitamins and fats for all the day.

#3 Green leafy plants

Dermatologists connect hair loss with an iron malnutrition. The best way to reduce this problem and provide your body with a huge amount of necessary iron is eating green leafy vegetables. Bok Choy, spinach and turnip green – should be must-eating food in your nutrition.

#4 Omega-3

Fish, oatmeal, Greek yogurt are full of omega-13 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, which stimulate the hair growth, make it healthy, strong and prevent hair breakage and thinness as well.

#5 Calcium

Another reason of the hair loss can be a little amount of calcium in your body. You can find it in all green-leafy vegetables, dairy products and in sesame seeds, the last are winners with calcium content. Drink a sesame milk and add the seeds in any dishes you might like.

You should remember that nutrition changing is a very serious thing, and you will be able to see and feel the result only in 2-3 moth of a healthy diet.

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