Know the importance of running gait assessment and how it helps

Know the importance of running gait assessment and how it helps
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Gait analysis is nothing but analyzing the movement of legs and the body during walking and running. Once the movement is tested then they can come to a conclusion in case of any problem, injury, or to increase the performance levels. It is called as the best way to quantify and the one of the best assessment for the runners to increase their performance and to get proper treatment for them in case of any problem in their leg. The gait analysis used to check the performance of the runner is called running gait analysis. There are many persons who choose to be athlete or at least to be a runner and for that they would take serious efforts from certain point of time in their life. Once decided they would get involved and take all necessary efforts and identify the best methods that can suit them. Not all the runners from the world choose the same style and though the game may be same and the purpose is same the running style will differ as per the comfort of the runner to increase their performance.


There are many clinical centers that help the runners to get to know their style, to know their performance levels and to identify the problem that happens in any part of their legs so that they can get proper treatment for recovery. Running gait analysis can be useful to:

New runner

Those who are aspiring to be runner then you can attend running gait assessment so that you can get proper details about your running performance and the style that you have adapted. The problem is that if a runner chooses any running style that is not suitable to them then they will become unable to perform well. If a runner chooses to run in a style that is unsuitable to them they become prone to get injuries, sprain and problem in muscles and bones. Therefore they should attend this analysis and identify the ideal style and change the training as soon as possible.

Injured runner

The runner who is injured should take gait analysis so that they can identify what is the reason for the injury. Some runners used to get injured frequently and they get hurt because of the same kind of injury frequently. In such cases apart from treatment they should identify the exact reason so that they don’t get the same problem again. If they find the exact reason they can get right treatment for speedy recovery and also they can change their training method so that they can get increase their performance.

Competitive runner

If a person is competitive runner giving better performances but still loses the game in few seconds then they should identify whether they are taking right technique or they just try something hard that is unsuitable to them. To increase the performance and win the game the runner should take gait analysis and consider some changes as per the report and the advice given by the assessor.

Advantages of running gait analysis

Identify the running style, Identify biomechanical faults, Injury prevention, and have a point of reference of their form of running.

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