Reasons why the 3-day diet works

Reasons why the 3-day diet works
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The 3-day military diet is a rigorous dietary regimen for only three days. After three days of strict diet rules pass, come the more tolerable four days, during which you have to maintain a healthy and normal eating. This diet is ranked among few others that give fast and satisfying weight loss results. You will notice the unwanted pounds melting away by the end of the week. If you find all this hard to believe, let me outline some of the many factors which contribute to the success of this diet.

Low calories

Many websites on the internet demonstrate a military menu plan under 1000 calories a day and then expect people on this diet to maintain a calorie intake under 1500 calories for the remaining four days. That’s absolutely absurd! It is true that the 3-day diet is low-calorie based, but the calories on the diet plan are purposefully created so that it’s enough above the basal metabolic rate. In other words, dietary precautions are taken so that the level of energy doesn’t decrease. In order to lose weight, all diets suggest consuming fewer calories from your meals than you usually take in. The military 3-day diet is composed of approximately 1300 calories every day. When you maintain this diet for three days you actually eat less than you burn.

It doesn’t require much willpower

Following a diet is often easier said than done. A lot of people succumb to their desires for junk food and fail to finish the diet. However, with the 3-day diet you’re obliged to stick to a military meal plan for just three days a week, and then you have four days off. If you manage to resist the forbidden temptations on the first day, the next two will be a piece of cake. The reason why this diet is more doable than others is because of those 4 days where you eat normally. No man is capable of eating 1300-1400 calories a day forever! So if you possess the right amount of motivation, this will be an easy feat for you.

You still feel energetic

Another common reason why dieters fail is because of their relatively low energy and incapability to do their everyday tasks. Some people have complained of lightheadedness, for example. Not having enough energy means you can’t do any exercise too. Nevertheless, the military 3-day diet is specially created to include foods which will provide you with enough energy and clear focus while simultaneously losing weight. This diet plan ensures that you take in the necessary carbs, proteins and fats and the right amount of calories.

No complications

Diets are usually complicated. Many people simply can’t afford to lose time on figuring out and calculating calories or whether this food or another has the right nutrition components. You can rest assured that you won’t have to do all that with this diet. Just follow the strict diet menu for the three days and you will lose weight. No expensive pills, exhausting exercises, and treatments.

All in all, the above-mentioned factors aren’t the only factors responsible for the success of the military 3-day diet. As we mentioned, it’s low-calorie diet, it doesn’t require a lot of willpower, you still have energy and it’s not complicated! I think I managed to convince you to try out this diet, right?

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