Proper way of using Testosterone injections

Proper way of using Testosterone injections
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There are many ways in which an injection of testosterone can be taken but it is necessary that it is taken in a right way. These injections are given only when a doctor prescribes them, they can’t be taken without prescription from a medicine expert. When a doctor prescribes testosterone injection it is important for the patient to talk about it with the doctor in detail, like the proper method of taking and how to take it.

How to choose the right injection

If a patient has to make maximum out of these injections they must take right type of injection in a correct way, only then maximum benefit out of it can be derived.  Apart from knowing the correct procedure of taking the injection it is also important to know the reasons why testosterone is being taken, a thorough understanding of the reasons why this injection is being taken is required to know the right dosage.

Method of using injection

A new syringe should always be taken; which measures as per requirements to avoid injuries and infections. It can be bought from any local pharmacy. These syringes are commonly available and not very expensive.

The first step is to insert the needle into tip of vial which made of rubber and turn the vial upside down.

The next step is to pull the plunger back and draw the fluid out of the vial as per the exact measurement suggested by doctor.

The injection must be taken near to belly button in a 90 degree angle, once the injection is inserted on the belly, the depth of the injection will be determined by the doctor, and the plunger must be pushed in. A pain killer can be taken which can help in reducing postinjection pain.

The doctor can also suggest other areas to inject the injection in the body.

The dosage will also be decided by the doctor as per the condition and requirement levels of the patient. The frequency with which it is to be taken is also determined by the doctor. They are usually given at bed time or in the morning time to the patients. But it is suggested to be not taken daily. Few days are to be taken off from the daily injecting routine.  It is also dependent on the age and health condition of the patient. The dosage suggested by the doctor initially can be low and increased gradually every month depending on the response shown by the person using it.

An important factor that is to be considered is that it is legal in some countries whereas in few countries it is illegal without prescription. The laws that are regulating the usage of testosterone injections in the country of user are also to be considered before using these. Therefore the following points are to be kept in mind while opting for the injections and for their optimal utilization. They can be very expensive and hence it is important that they are not wasted.

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