Metal Free Dental Implants

Metal Free Dental Implants
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Implants are one of the popular approaches that focus on replacing broken or damaged teeth with a prosthesis. Dentists have varying opinions on which approach can best help a patient. Over time, the materials also evolved to include titanium and other metal free alternatives. For people exploring non-metal options, the following are the advantages of getting Metal Free Dental Implants.

Allergic Reaction

Allergic reaction to titanium is one of the reasons why some people choose non metal implants. The issue with titanium is how patients can have an allergic reaction to the metal. The benefit of using ceramic zirconia is the material’s hypoallergenic feature. It means that patients can use the material without experiencing any allergic reactions or sensitivities.

Design Component

Design features make metal free implants a viable option for patients. Specifically, ceraroot non-metal implants make use of a one-piece design that leaves a lesser risk for movement and development of bacterial infection. Also, the ceramic material adjusts to the person’s mouth. With sufficient modification from the dentist, patients do not experience any difficulty or potential to incur contamination. Note that dentists will always explain these materials in detail so that you can familiarize with its pros and cons.


The aesthetic appeal is a reason why metal free dental implants remain popular among patients. It features the use of zirconia which creates a more natural look compared to its metal counterpart. Such a decision remains beneficial for people who either have gum recession or thin gums. With a white color material, ceramic zirconia can provide an impression of healthy teeth and gums. The translucent property enables patients to maintain their beautiful and pleasing smile.


People who opt to use metal free implants get the advantage of resistance. The concept of resistance relates to an implant’s ability to withstand corrosion when exposed to specific environments. Since ceramic zirconia uses a biocompatible material, it is easier to prevent corroding and other chemical reactions that can damage your teeth. Resistance also comes from the ability to withstand changes in temperature. It now becomes more comfortable to drink hot or cold beverages without experiencing pain.

Shorter Recovery Time

Lastly, patients report shorter recovery time when opting to use nonmetal implants. Using ceramic zirconia implants, patients can undergo surgery after their tooth extraction. It can become helpful because of the shorter time and comfort. The person can also experience less pain after the procedure because the process is less invasive than using titanium.

The Bottom Line

Overall, metal free dental implants offer different advantages to patients. The points above are some of the benefits you can get. Before undergoing any procedure, make sure to consult with a licensed dental professional. Their insights and opinion can provide options to determine the viability of using implants. Having these options readily available assist you in identifying the best way to care for your teeth and regain confidence to interact with others.
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