Lose Weight With Cannabis

Lose Weight With Cannabis
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You might find it strange that we are recommending that you lose weight by using different cannabis strains. There is a common misconception that if you use cannabis, you will get the munchies. This myth has been dispelled by the volume of research that has recently taken place when examining cannabis and weight loss.

One such piece of research that is causing people to sit up and take notice is the study published in the American Journal of Medicine. In this research paper, it was found that those who used medicinal marijuana for a period of time had better metabolic health than those who didn’t use cannabis. The researchers uncovered that those who used cannabis had insulin levels that were a lot lower than the subjects who didn’t use cannabis. This was also coupled with a lower circumference of the waist, which pointed to the fact that cannabis usage has a role to play in reducing weight.

The head researcher said that the results were statistically valid, even after allowing for other factors such as sex, age, and alcohol consumption. There was also evidence to suggest that the cannabis users also had better levels of “good cholesterol”, termed HDL.

How Does Cannabis Help?

It is thought that cannabis doesn’t have a direct effect on the user losing weight. Researchers believe that the marijuana is used to help you to focus on losing weight and not deviate from your weight loss plan. It is important to limit yourself to three intakes of cannabis per day to limit the likelihood of the munchies from rearing their ugly head.

What Strains to Use?

If you are thinking that you would like to give cannabis a try in helping you reach your weight goal, I’m sure you will be curious as to what strain to choose. We would recommend a strain with a high concentration of THCV. Strains with high levels of THCV include G13 and Super Silver Haze.

THCV has a crucial role to play. It acts as an antagonist in the receptors, called CB1 and CB2. The THCV can block the THC from binding to these receptors, which prevents any psychoactive effect from occurring. This means the munchies don’t come and you won’t get a sustained high. There will be a short lived high, but not as long as if THC was binding direct with the receptors.

G13 also allows you to relax, and make you less stressed during your diet. This therefore makes you more likely to find success with your diet. So, instead of trying the next fashionable diet, why not give cannabis a go?

For more information on different strains to use, we would recommend that you consult your nearest dispensary. To locate the nearest dispensary to your home, use the dispensaries near me tool on Cannabis.net. Good luck!

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