How to keep your heart healthy

How to keep your heart healthy
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Human heart is one of those organs that should be given special attention otherwise you may be risking your life. According to various reports the incidence of myocardial infarction and other heart-related diseases have exponentially increased in last few years and thus it there is an urgent need for various governments to take necessary steps before it goes out of control. The reason for this dramatic increase in heart-related diseases is attributed to technological advancements, sedentary life of people and their changing food habits.

It is important for people to understand that heart is one of the most important organs of human body and is commonly known as pumping organ as it pumps blood to various organs of the body. If your heart is not healthy chances are very slim that you will enjoy a healthy and prosperous life. Thus it is important for individuals to take necessary measures to avoid implications related to heart.

However, the good news is that you can have a healthy heart simply by altering your life-style slightly and keeping a tab on your feeding habits. Below are some of the areas those should be looked upon to have a healthy and robust heart.

Make exercise your daily habit- Doing daily exercise could be a tedious task but it pays off a lot in long run as it keeps your heart healthy and robust. According to various reports if people do daily exercise much of their heart related diseases could be avoided as it strengthen the cardiac muscles and let its cells expand to its fullest potential. It is important therefore to put aside half an hour of your daily time for exercise. If you are a regular doer half an hour will be more than enough.

Have a healthy diet- It’s true that it is hard to resist your favorite foods but a little sacrifice can keep you healthy, wealthy and prosperous. Always try to eat for nourishment and not simply to satisfy your taste buds. Rely much on fruits, vegetables and wholesome grains that are free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Ensure your food has a variety and includes plant protein, animal protein and lots of fibers. Take fewer calories and more green leafy vegetables that can provide proper nutrition to your heart.

Do some deep breathing exercises- Deep breathing had been a part of daily life in ancient Indian culture and modern medical science too has substantiated its importance. If you do regular deep breathing it will strengthen your cardiac muscles a lot. Deep breathing can be learned through various available texts or through a trainer as you wish but the basic remains the same that is inhale and exhale deeply.

Be alert and quick in diagnosing- Be alert and if you feel chest pain then quickly consult a cardiologist who can diagnose the cause immediately. It is important for people to consult only cardiologist like Tiberio Frisoli (cardiologist) who has a valid license and wide experience.

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