How to Get to the Bottom of Your Lower Back Pain

How to Get to the Bottom of Your Lower Back Pain
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There are few sensations as difficult to live with as pain in the lower back. Unfortunately, statistics show that most people will go through a period in which they are dealing with severe pain in this region. The most annoying part about this data is that the pain can be triggered by a variety of actions both great and small. You could be lifting a very light box from the ground but depending on the angle, your age, and the way you move your body in the moment, there is a chance that you will seriously hurt your back.

While most lower back pain will go away within a few days there are some that will persist for months or years. Knowing when to visit the top spine surgeons in Santa Monica can be helpful. In order for you to know the right course of action for your situation it can be beneficial to think about the specifics of your situation.

Duration of Pain

Back pain can range from mild to excruciating which makes it difficult to know when the problem is something to worry about. You could experience debilitating pain one day, schedule an appointment with a spine doctor in Santa Monica, and arrive the next day only to realize that the pain has totally subsided. The best way for you to make the right choice for your problem is by giving it a bit of time to play out.

Seeing your primary care physician is a great place to begin during the first few days. The doctor can inform you of your initial options, primarily centering around helping to temporarily alleviate the pain. Within the next week the pain should go away on its own. If it doesn’t then it means that you could be dealing with a more serious issue in the back. Schedule an appointment with the right specialist in order for you to know if it is time to consider your options with the top spine surgeons in Santa Monica.

Impacts on Your Life

Taking your time can be helpful for you to understand your problem but it might not be a luxury you can afford if the pain is impacting your life. If your pain is so severe that you cannot go through the normal tasks of your daily routine then you will definitely want to take action in some capacity. Though you might not need surgery for your pain you still may want to find relief for your ailment. When the pain gets in the way of your life it is time to make moves.

Living with pain in your back is always going to be annoying. Though the actual sensations you feel may vary in severity it can be helpful to know how to handle the problem and when it is time to make an appointment with the top spine surgeons in Santa Monica. Gauge the pain you’re dealing with based on how long it has been persisting and the level of effect that it has over your life. Measuring your situation along these lines will bring you to the solution you need for relief.

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