How to Avoid Back Pain During Pregnancy – Practice These

How to Avoid Back Pain During Pregnancy – Practice These
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Back pain is one of the most common problems faced by any pregnant woman. Though she may choose to hold everything and everyone around her responsible for this, the key to avoid back pain during pregnancy is in her hands only. If you are one of those who has just got the good news and been told about myriad stories about the discomforts waiting for you as the belly grows, read on to find how you can overpower back pain with simple practices.

Common things that you have been doing wrong

  1. Arching the back while standing: This is one of the worst poses to have and is common among people – both underweight and overweight. Pregnant women develop a tendency to stand with arched back because of the shift in gravity caused by uneven distribution of mass. This leads to backache

Practice this: Stand while keeping the spine straight. It helps to support the baby better way and eases the process of delivery too.

  1. High heels: You may fall forward in high heels as you may not be able to balance yourself due to growing belly. Also, it interferes with the shape of the spine which is already under pressure during pregnancy,

Practice this: Use low-heeled shoes, mind it; do not switch to flat shoes. But, use low-heeled shoes having good arch support. It helps you maintain correct posture and walk properly too.

  1. Sleeping on the back: Many people enjoy their sleep best in a starfish position. It may work for them in normal days, but during pregnancy, it can be one of the most uncomfortable positions. Sleeping on the back causes back pain as you tend to arch your back to adjust with your grown belly.

Practice this: Sleep on your side, keeping one or both of the knees bent. You can think about using support pillows under the abdomen while sleeping. Another pillow behind the back will be awesome.

  1. Bending waist while picking things: Yes, this is one of the most common ways of picking things up. A pregnant woman must not try picking things while bending the waist. Also, make sure that the item is not too heavy for you.

Practice this: Squat a little and let the weight come on your legs. Unwanted jerks or spasms in the back can be avoided by this.

Though the tips mentioned above are useful for spine health, in general, they become more important during pregnancy days when a woman is taking care of the two.

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