Harsh Chemicals Used In Everyday Home Products

Harsh Chemicals Used In Everyday Home Products
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You do not cross the street without looking both the sides, you warn your kids to not to accept rides from strangers… so then why allow the harsh chemicals to be a part of your everyday home product? You get the ads every day that you don’t need to scour or rub with just one spray, all the grime, bacteria and dirt will go… but tell me, something is it really possible!!!

Disinfectants, air fresheners, cleaners and other house products include harsh chemicals like ammonia or others for effective results. But in return aren’t you damaging your own organs? Here is a list of some home products which should be banned from your house.

  • Non-stick utensils

The Teflon non-stick pains comes with a poly-tetra flouroethylene coating which releases hazardous gases which have led to harmful health impact. However, it only occurs at high temperatures. So, if you cook at medium or low flame, then it has safe results.

  • Plastic bottles

You all must be aware of the toxic results of BPA. It has the effect to harm your endocrine system. Though more and more companies are switching to BPA free bottles, but it is still in practice at several places. The single use plastic bottles are worse and have high chemical compound.

  • Traditional clean supplies

The cleaning supplies have a lot of toxic chemicals which have a negative impact on the human body. All-purpose cleaner has ammonia which could cause kidney and liver damage. Over cleaners can lead to chemical burns. They exude hazardous fumes which affect the respiratory system.

  • Antibacterial items

The release of antibacterial items has shown a great contribution towards antibiotic-resistant bugs. But, these items show results to interfere with the immunity system of the kids. The common 100 antibacterial products include toothpaste, soaps, kid’s toys to undergarments. Make an objective to be clean but not 100{e9a40761da4312da5887f59d9d6e08e1bfe6f40fed278444c479f713a5d07ca5} germ free. The household germs help you develop stronger immune system. You have a number of eco-friendly products which are safe for you.

  • Fertilizers

They cause damage to the water supply and contribute to the growth of algae. When it rains, the runoff goes to the drains which eventually fall in the streams, rivers and ocean. This imbalance could kill fishes and harm the ecosystem. For those who have a lawn, they can go for organic fertilizers, rather than choosing chemical fertilizers.

  • Electricity bulbs

A CFL just makes use of a fraction of energy. So, whenever your bulb gets off, switch it with CFL and see how much you save. However, while dumping the CFL’s make sure you take precautions as they have mercury which could be hazardous in a number of ways.

  • Anti-lice Shampoos

You spend so much on lice clearance shampoos to clean your head. However, they are decked with harsh chemicals. You can rather go for tea tree oil proven to kill lice to get rid of the lice in a more organic and chemical-free way. It not just helps you save your hair and scalp from damaging, but is good for its health too.


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