Hair Transplantation services in India

Hair Transplantation services in India
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In today’s world everyone wants to look good. Physical look is important to have an impressive personality. As a matter of fact, hair plays major role for looking good and attractive. Who doesn’t want thick and lush hair? However baldness at young age provides a look of ageing to a person. Therefore, it is difficult to ignore the process of hair loss. Baldness, resulting from hair loss may even result in lack of self confidence and depression in personality. Don’t get worried. Today medical science has solution for almost every problem. Hair transplantation is a permanent and useful technique to get rid of baldness.

What are the reasons attributed to hairfall?

Reasons leading to a fall of hair are manifold and varied. Fall of hair may result from genetic construction, lack of proper nutrition, or a poorly maintained lifestyle. According to healthcare experts, some of the factors are controllable while some are not.

Evolution of Ludhiana as a destination for hair Transplantation

India is widely known for cost effective medical treatment. Almost in all metro cities various clinics conduct hair transplantation services. Amongst various cities, Ludhiana deserves to be mentioned. Many renowned clinics with experienced doctors conduct hair transplantation in Ludhiana. This city is gradually becoming a hot destination for this surgery.

Technologies pertaining to hair transplantation

Currently, there are two most popular methods for hair transplantation in market –

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

The difference lies primarily in the way hair follicles extracted from donor area.


FUT requires removal of an entire strip. Such strips of hairs are extracted from a relevant donor area. Stitching is done in order to hide the replacement. Stiching in certain cases can leave scars. This is considered to be a disadvantage of the entire procedure. Hair replaced in the recipient area constitutes 3 – 4 healthy hair strands.


A popular technique undertaken by many hair transplantation clinics, such a process requires hair follicle extraction. Extraction takes place from a suitably chosen donor area, which are then replanted in the recipient area. Normally healthy hair follicles are extracted from the donor area, but in small quantities. The process is considered to be less invasive, and encourages a faster recovery. This is considered to be a major advantage.

The main advantages of FUE over FUT are as follows-

  • No stitch is required in FUE
  • This is an absolute Painless procedure.
  • Recovery is faster
  • FUE is also an ideal option for making transplantation in other areas of the body.


Cost of hair transplant in Ludhiana depends on the number of grafts to be replaced and level of baldness. However most of the renowned clinics offer a competitive advantage.


There are several advantages and disadvantages of hair transplantation. To perform a successful process of hair transplantation, there are several criteria that need to be fulfilled.

  • Primary criteria are good general health of the person undergoing this surgery.
  • Also if hair loss is hereditary and hair transplantation is done at an early age e.g. 20 to 30 yrs., hair loss may still continue after surgery. This might need treatment additionally.
  • The success of a surgery largely depends on the quality of existing donor area.
  • Don’t expect overnight recovery. Generally 8 to 10 months are needed for complete recovery.

However, it is important to remember that, the process is not suggested for everyone except for those who loose hair due to hereditary reasons. Hair lost as a result of trauma can be replaced through hair transplantation as well.

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