Few ways to treat chronic back pain

Few ways to treat chronic back pain
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In today’s busy life back pain has become very common among people whether they are youngsters or adults. Some suffer from low intensity pain while others complain of chronic back pain. Pain that remains for more than a month is severe pain and doctor’s consultation becomes mandatory. Infact, most acute back pains can be treated with a few days of home treatments if doctor’s assistance is not achieved. In this article you will understand about the symptoms, and few methods of managing it.

Signs of pain at the back of the body

Sometimes due to stressful job or work overload or any other reason you might feel sweet pain in your back portion which slowly within few days converts into chronic pain, this is the symptom that body conveys to you that your body is suffering from back pain. In most cases, when you bend or drive the pain goes all the way down to your legs. Often people ignore such signs or symptoms which is not a good thing as it may lead to some major problem.  If any of the listed indications accompany a back pain then you should without any wait consult your doctor.

  1. Fever
  2. Weight loss
  3. Numbness around the anus, hips, or genitals
  4. pain running down the knees to legs
  5. Inflammation on the back
  6. Back injury
  7. Difficulty in passing urine

Methods to improve the pain

  1. Exercise– Medicines are the alternative supplements to cure the back pain but if you want to treat back pain (Excluding major conditions) without the intake of medicines then exercising daily is one way to reduce the pain. A normal routine walk once a day can be very effective as walking brings the body in motion and in upright position.
  2. Avoid too much bed rest- Oftenpeople with normal back pain start taking rest more than required in a hope that they will recover soon but this is not true. They become inactive and lazy. Doctors say that patients should not rest more than three days until and unless the pain is extreme or the cause of some major happening or injury.
  3. Maintain right posture- Usually body feels pain when the posture is not correct hence, keeping the body in right posture is important. Sometimes after long workouts at the gym especially of the back the muscles start paining this is the result of exercising in a wrong posture. Therefore, staying in a right posture will help reduce the back pain.
  4. Apply ice and heating pads- To treat back pain mostly doctors suggest using heating pads or ice packs at the affected area as it provides comfort from the pain. If pain is followed by swelling then first using ice packs for 48 hours will reduce the swelling and later keeping heating pads will alleviate the complete pain.
  5. Bring flexibility- Stiff body and tension also is a cause of pain at the back. Daily stretching the body can make the body flexible.
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