Everything That You Need to Know About L-theanine

Everything That You Need to Know About L-theanine
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Humans have been drinking tea for thousands of years now, and there are chances that you too consume it every day. However, have you ever wondered why tea has this calming effect on you? If yes, it is because of the compound called L-theanine. It is thought to be the closest thing that we’ve got so far to having meditation in a supplement.

What is L-theanine?

Now that you know what in tea brings the calming effect, you might be intrigued to know more about it. Well, the compound L-theanine is a neurologically active organic compound that is present in almost all types of green tea plants. It is the main component that is responsible for the exotic taste associated with green tea, which is also known as umami.

After consumption of green tea or L-theanine supplement, it crosses the blood-brain barrier in just 30 minutes. It then smooths out the brain waves without flattening them when seen in an EEG. Also, it improves the cognitive abilities of the brain in more than one ways. Also, L-theanine is used to cure anxiety, ADHD, decreasing cognitive skills, and many other brain-related issues. The best thing about L-theanine is, it achieves all its benefits naturally without any artificial chemicals or any side effects.

The best source of including L-theanine in your diet is by consuming green tea. However, today you can find L-theanine as a supplement in capsules or l theanine powder. It’s very affordable and easy to consume. Now that you know what L-theanine is let’s dig in deep into what it is and everything that you need to know about it.

How is L-theanine made and how does it work?

As mentioned earlier in the article, L-theanine is primarily extracted from the leaves of green tea. It can also be found in some species of mushrooms as well. The compound is a naturally occurring amino acid that requires no artificial chemicals or agents. When consumed, it crosses the blood-brain very easily because of its psychoactive properties.

One L-theanine reaches the brain; it easily interacts with the neurochemistry of the brain in various ways. It helps in increasing the GABA production in the brain. GABA is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter that inhibits the excessive firing of neurons, leading to a relaxed and calm state of mind. L-theanine is very efficient in increasing the GABA because it can directly interact with the GABA receptor in a way that it interacts with itself.

In addition to all these, L-theanine also increases the production of Serotonin – a neurotransmitter that controls emotions, like happiness and satisfaction. Also, it stimulates the release of dopamine, a chemical that ensures smooth communication of the neurons with the brain.

Effects of L-theanine

To understand the effects of L-theanine on your body, you need to know the side effects associated with drinking coffee or green tea. Both of these provide energy to your body and make it easier for you to focus on things. However, there are differences in how coffee and green tea affect your body. The caffeine present in the coffee provides you with an initial burst of energy, but in the case of green tea that contains L-theanine, the energy your body gets is more refined.

Another thing that you need to note is that when coffee leaves your body, it often leads to a corresponding crash in the adrenals. This, in turn, leads to frustration, fatigue, and even headaches. However, in the case of green tea containing L-theanine, it doesn’t happen. The green tea tapers off the body almost unnoticeably.

How to consume L-theanine

The best way to consume L-theanine is through green tea. Regular consumption of green tea replenishes the L-theanine level in your brain and body efficiently. However, if you are looking for other ways of consuming L-theanine, worry not. Today you can find L-theanine available in the market in a powdered form that can be scooped and taken orally. You also get pills containing L-theanine supplements easily available in the market today.

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