Emotional Support Dog Letter – A Comprehensive know how

Emotional Support Dog Letter – A Comprehensive know how
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An Emotional Support Dog Letter is a document which is prescribed by the medical professional who allows the individual to take an emotional support dog travel with them on airplanes. The validity of the letter should not be more than one year in the case of any air travel. But for the stay with the animals, the time period does not stay as constrain. The emotional support dog letter is a document that is capable of changing the rules of a ‘no pets home’. If the dog can support the person emotionally and mentally then it is a must that this dog should be allowed in the house along with them. There are certain rules that the emotional support animal certification should follow. This includes

  • The letter is a document that can be prescribed only by a registered medical practitioner. This medical practitioner can be a therapist, psychologist or he can be a psychiatrist.
  • This letter should be prescribed for the person only if he pertain an emotional disability.
  • The letter must clearly define that the patient needs an emotional support dog for his treatment and well being during their journey and after reaching their end point.
  • The medical professional who prescribes this letter need to specify the details regarding his profession that is whether he is a psychiatrist or a psychologist or if he is a therapist.
  • The details of the license of the medical professional should be mentioned on the letter. The date, state and the type details should be mentioned on this.
  • The disability that the person is suffering from should come as a part of DMV IV. There are certain disabilities that come under the DMV IV .This may include
  • Mood Variations
  • Depression
  • Sexual Disabilities
  • Sleep Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Amnesia

This may also include some other disabilities also and the people who suffer from these disabilities can avail the emotional support animal certification letter.

  • The letter need not specify that the person is having a particular type of disability. The only thing that needs to be specified is that the problem that the person is suffering from comes under DMV-IV and the emotional support dog is a need for them to reduce the symptoms of the disability.

The medical professional should mention all the details in a sincere manner because there are some of the airlines who check the details by getting in contact with the medical professional in order to check the authenticity of the letter. This letter can permit the person to travel on airlines along with emotional support dog but some of the airline authorities demand the latest letter.

Emotional support dog letter can be helpful for the patients in preventing them from getting denied by the landlords for their stay with the animal. They have full rights to stay in the house if the person is holding a valid emotional support dog letter. Landlords are not authorized to charge any kind of fees or amount for permitting the stay for the animals.

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