Don’t Let a Health Condition Rob You of Your Joy

Don’t Let a Health Condition Rob You of Your Joy
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Receiving the news of a diagnosiscan be crushing. Previously, you thought you were in good health, but now, the reality is quite different. Sometimes, the human tendency is to take it hard, and avoid going out or seeing others. Don’t let that happen to you, even if you found out you have high cholesterol at a young age. Here are some things you can do to maintain your joy.

Play Simon Says

Whether you’re still a kid or you’re on the fast track to adulthood, it’s good to remember to leverage the knowledge of others. Children are excellent imitators, and when their parents do a fine job raising them, the little ones learn a lot from their example. This is especially true when you need to consult with a professional. Don’t just do it because you have to; be ready to make the changes you need to make. Trust the doctor’s recommendations, and if you have any doubts, go ahead and get a second opinion.

Open Your Lemonade Stand

No kid should give up a childhood dream just because of having high cholesterol at a young age. Every young one should do the things their peers do. Do you want to learn to roller skate? Are you interested in playing a musical instrument? Tell your parents your wishes and then work with them to make realities out of them. If someone gives you a sack of lemons, squeeze them, add water and sugar and give the mixture a stir. Then head out to the front yard and open your lemonade stand.

Feed Your Talent

While the first few years of life are exploratory, the next several years are about harnessing your talents. Some kids show athletic ability at young ages and can learn to hone their skills on the playing field. Others are interested in the performing arts, showing potential in dance, painting or singing. High cholesterol in children can discourage them, making some feel like they’re at a disadvantage compared with their peers. Parents should work hard to make sure they rip that negative belief away, and instead help them focus on what they can do. When a mom or dad notices a spark of talent, they should do something to feed it.

Surround Yourself

Everyone needs friends. Kindred spirits bring us opportunities to have experiences that become lifelong memories. The internet, while facilitating rapid communication isn’t a substitute for personal contact. Even high cholesterol at a young age shouldn’t inhibit children from making friends with neighbors and schoolmates. Sleepovers are fun for young ones, and if the weather’s good, the backyard can be used as a campground. If another kid is in an accident or seriously ill, pay him or her a visit. Write a nice little card to cheer up your friend. On a future day, you might welcome similar support.

No health condition should take away someone’s joy. Happiness is a decision. Rather than being based on circumstances, it comes from your own state of mind. Don’t allow discouragement hold you back from growing and doing what you love.

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