Crowdfunding for HIV Infected People

Crowdfunding for HIV Infected People
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Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is the reason behind the disease AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Over the past quarter of a century, AIDS has become a word understood in all households though rarely talked about. How what exactly is HIV-AIDS? HIV is the virus that causes the dreaded disease AIDS which involves the destabilising and ultimate ruin of the immune system of a person.

As the immune system becomes weaker, the body becomes more and more prone to infections and one of these infections ultimately kills the person. HIV transmission can happen through sexual contact (not kissing), through sharing needles and from mother to child during pregnancy. If someone tests HIV positive, they will immediately be put on medication so that the development of AIDS can be delayed. These drugs are becoming more and more sophisticated every day. While we can hope that one day, HIV can be eliminated from the bloodstream completely, current treatment depends on medication.

Current HIV treatment is based on HAART treatment, i.e. Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy. This is essentially a cocktail of drugs that the HIV positive person takes in order to delay the development of AIDS indefinitely. HIV is no more a death sentence. On pen and paper. However, it was so for a very long time. And it still is, in many people. The people who are most prone to fall prey to HIV remains sex workers (particularly female ones working in inhuman conditions), drug addicts (needle exchanging) and homosexuals (the first victims of AIDS were homosexuals in the late seventies and early eighties). The historical response to governments to AIDS control has been poor.

In 2013, India had the third largest population of HIV positive people and accounts for 4 out of 10 HIV positive cases in the Asia-Pacific region. Government hospitals provide free HIV treatment yet people find it incredibly difficult to talk about a disease which is so visibly sexually transmitted. If India is to combat AIDS successfully, breaking this taboo is incredibly important. Open, non-judgmental public conversations need to happen around sex with emphasis on safe-sex being key to HIV prevention. Fundraising india can help with this.

HIV infected people live under great stigma. They may find that they cannot fund treatment in private hospitals or that private hospitals are exploiting them financially. They may not have access to a government hospital. Reaching out to these people requires immense amount of monetary strength that can only be gotten by tapping into the power of the crowd.

Crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru, which has an illustrious history of NGO crowdfunding and medical crowdfunding, can be very useful in bridging this gap between people who have the resources to do something and those who have the time and energy to do something. For example, distributing condoms and mobilising sex workers into not having sex without condoms is something that can only be done by activists. Yet, such work requires a lot of funding which is in the hands of people who cannot for all practical reasons campaign at the street level. Fundraising india bridges this gap.

Remember that if you are a HIV positive individual (or a campaigner against HIV) who is experiencing difficulty availing treatment for financial issues (or finding it difficult to access funds for their good work), you can start a fundraiser for yourself on Impact Guru. You can share the fundraiser among your contacts on social media and otherwise and we can share it with ours. Our campaign manager will be in touch with you constantly. We can keep your identity hidden if you wish so.

Remember we have connections in fifteen countries and gathering donations from all over the world is our plus point. Very soon, money will flow in. This is how fundraising india works. You should never be afraid of financial difficulty. People like us are always here to help as part of our professional profile.

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