Body Odor vs. Diet

Body Odor vs. Diet
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Acknowledge the foods which affect the body odor

The body odor of each individual is unique due to obvious factors like hygiene, genetics, overall health, etc. Yet the smell is mostly caused by the bacteria, which uses breaks down the salty components in sweat into acids, our body odor is also affected by our nutrition. Stylists of the Midtown Hair Salon NYC suggest their customers eat certain foods to maintain their hair, but this formula is versatile. Our nutrition affects all the life spheres, and implementing changes helps to fight a certain issue.

  1. Sulfur containing foods

As we know, sulfur can be found in hideous (in terms of smell) substances. Decreasing the sulfur consumption positively affects the body odor. Foods like cauliflower and cabbage contain sulfur. On the other hand, these products are healthy.

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  1. Red Meat

Red meat is rich in iron and protein, although it makes the body odor more intense (not significantly, of course). It is not clear for a casual citizen how much meat should you eat to affect the smell, but the influence of red meat is a scientific fact.

  1. Seasoning

Spices and herbs make up an essential part of various cuisines. They also make the liquids we excrete taste and smell differently. It includes breastfeeding and some other cases you may have thought of; therefore, add more vanilla to your diet plan.

Anyway, the biggest impact is made by the bacteria. Don’t feel obliged to restrict yourself from all the sophisticated dishes you like. Invest some money in a decent perfumed deodorant.

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