Blepharoplasty And Everything You Should Know

Blepharoplasty And Everything You Should Know
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There are many procedures today, that are created just to make us look and feel much younger, as well as help us with different problems, just like eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty. Consider checking out the cosmetic surgery Templestowe from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, as they offer many different procedures with great results.

What is eyelid surgery?

An eyelid surgery, eyelid lift or blepharoplasty is a procedure that is done to remove the skin to be able to add or remove the fat from the eyelids.  You can have an eyelid surgery below and above your eye, depending on your issue.

There are many procedures that can make you feel and look young again

The upper eyelid surgery requires the usage of incisions that will allow the skin and fat to be removed, depending on the case. After that, a thin stitch will be used to help your skin get together, as it creates the crease on your eyelid.

The lower eyelid surgery cam also involves incisions on the skin directly below the lash line as well as the incision called a transconjunctival approach, where the incision will be made on the inside of the eyelid. This approach will allow the doctors to access the eyelid without making any visible incisions, which makes this technique perfect for those who want to add or remove fat.

Why people have eyelid surgery

This surgery is often performed for people who have baggy eyelids, crow’s feet, or fat on the upper eyelids, and it can make your appearance look much better. People with heavy looking eyelids, puffiness, or aged appearance will usually have this procedure done.

In some cases, the puffiness on the eyes can cause us to have a bad vision when it is located on our upper eyelids, and this surgery can help fix that. The upper eyelid surgery is then performed to remove all the excess fat and skin, to improve the field of vision. Visit blepharoplasty Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, if you want to learn more about this procedure in general.

Consult with your doctor and see your options

Candidates for eyelid surgery

After reading the above-information, you might be wondering if you are also a candidate for the eyelid surgery, right? Well, the best way to know if you are suited for eyelid surgery or not, is to visit your doctor and schedule a consultation. You might not even need such a procedure, and it is important to keep your expectations realistic.

Prepare yourself

If you do want to have an eyelid surgery, there are a couple of things you need to know. First of all, a detailed examination will be necessary as well as consultation with your doctor about the benefits and risks of this surgery. You should follow the pre-operative instructions from your doctor, as sometimes you might even be asked to stop smoking a couple of months before and after the procedure.

What are the risks of eyelid surgery?

Every procedure and surgery carries their own risks and it is always the best option for you to ask your doctor about this. Sometimes, after the surgery, you can experience swelling and bruising, as well as other side effects. However, keep in mind that some of them are inevitable, so talk to your doctor.

Final word

Depending on your procedure, the medical center and doctor who will be doing the procedure, the prices can vary. That is why you should consider the prices before having the procedure as well, since you might need some post-op items as well, and all of this will be explained by your surgeon, so make sure to have proper consultations.

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