Best foods for stronger hair

Best foods for stronger hair
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Having a great look from day to day takes a lot of time and efforts. And it is not only about your new suit or cool shoes, your hair and nails also need some care. Of course, you can visit your favorite barber shop in New York City to look spick and span every time you step out the room, but sometimes it is not enough. Your hair needs good nutrition from the inside, especially if you have weak, brittle strands with split ends. Including these three simple foods to your daily ration, you will provide your scalp and locks with proper nourishing, what guarantees you strong and healthy hair.

Red meat

A rare man doesn’t like red meat. A big, tasty, odorous steak is full of extremely useful proteins and iron. These key nutrients nourish your roots and stimulate new hairs to grow. Obviously, it doesn’t mean you have to eat steaks every single day, but having a barbecue with your friends, time after time, can be more useful than you think.



Here is one more product for the real man. As strange as it may sound, beer is highly rich on silicon. It is a trace mineral that improves blood circulation in your scalp, making new locks grow.


Undoubtedly, it is not as tasty as beer; nevertheless, milk can save you from balding. This drink contains a high level of proteins, biotins, and Vitamin D. These nutrients can prevent you from hair loss and save your strong, shiny locks for a long time.

Take care of your hair in a right way with our tips.

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