Best Foods For A Perfect Mane Condition

Best Foods For A Perfect Mane Condition
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Lots of scientists say that all our problems come from an inconsistent nutrition and deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals. Hair loss, breakage, and thinning can be solved by adding some super foods to your diet. Opt for products full of important components which provide you with a natural moisture and nourish a body from the inside. Check out the best raw food list from the top specialists at barber shops NYC.

#1 Nuts

Full of natural fats, almonds, cashews, walnuts, peanuts, Brazil and pine nuts can be a healthy snack, which will help your scalp to stay moisturized and to keep mane radiant, soft and strong. Only a handful of any nuts, will provide you with a daily norm of fats and moreover, with energy for all day.

#2 Seeds

Vitamins A and E in pumpkin, sunflower, chia, flax and sesame seeds help mane to grow fast and strong, they prevent breakage and loss. You can add different seeds in your daily meals: salads, desserts or just eat raw. So delicious, they will nourish all the body from the inside. 

#3 Dairy products

Calcium in cheese, cottage cheese, milk, yoghurt, and cream help hair to stay strong and reduce breakage and loss. So tasty and nourishing, dairy products will provide you with lots of vitamins, which are so necessary for all organism. Moreover, they are full of protein, which is essential for hair too.

#4 Green leafy plants

These guys content lots of iron and cellulose, which are important for a supple and radiant mane. Moreover, cellulose in bok choy, spinach, kale, turnip green and other green leafy plants helps your organism to remove toxins from a body. So adding green colors in daily meals will be an excellent decision not for mane only.

#5 Citruses

Hair can’t be healthy if you have a low immunity. Start to eat more onions, oranges, lemons, and tangerines. They are full of vitamin C, which will provide you with strong resistance and will strengthen organism and let the hair grow healthy and fast.

Remember, that every diet changes need some time for reforming. Stay healthy with a proper nutrition!

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