Are you facing hair loss? Is it because of the Testosterones?

Are you facing hair loss? Is it because of the Testosterones?
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There have been theories regarding the hair loss that takes place in men. Some people find that due to the testosterones, men tend to have a patterned baldness to thirty percent by the age of thirty and fifty percent by the age of fifty. provides you a detailed description of the myth and the reality.

People consider that high level of testosterone leads to hair loss and often bald guys are considered to be virile in nature. Testosterones takes the responsibility of maintaining muscle mass of a person, energy levels of the body but if testosterones are in excess it does not leads to baldness or hair loss. intends to remove this myth associated with testosterones. From very long time, researches have been conducted to study this fact no particular evidence have been found matching with this myth. But it was observed that in today’s time the level of testosterones is quite low as compared to the previous generations. The drop is around twenty two percent.

This myth or saying came in existence during the 1940‘s when a doctor from Yale had done a study on 21 boys who were under going through castration (a treatment done to treat mentally ill people). The doctor found that one who was producing testosterone normally inside his body had hair loss and the one whose body had stopped producing testosterones was having a head full of hairs. When testosterone was being injected into the body of the one who had stopped producing testosterone, the body reaction was that the skin had broken out in zits and hair had started falling (i.e. hair loss).

But now we understand it better. The exact reason for the hair loss is still not being known but the picture is far clearer than that which was created in the 1940’s. Usual study pattern reveals that the hair loss happens dominantly due to genetic predisposition rather than the higher levels of testosterones. The male hormones act as a catalyst for hair thinning but this happens with the ones who do not have proper genetic propositions. Hormones matter mainly rather than the testosterones. Therefore, genetic sensitivity is considered as the main issue till now for hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone is a byproduct of the testosterone which develops the facial hair at the time of puberty. On an average, around five percent of testosterones are converted into dihydrotestosterone.

The dihydrotestosterone catches the receptor of the follicle and this leads to loss of hair. This happens as the supply of proteins and nutrients to the require area is not being provided. Therefore it leads to hair fall. This reduces the follicle’s size because of the starvation that takes place. The reason because of which hair grows during the time of puberty is the reason because of which you lose hair in your adulthood. But after all these reasons and study, we find that the genetic predisposition is the main cause of the hair fall.

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